Why we are different?

We decorate to order!  That means no more money upfront to purchase apparel.  No more guessing what quantities and sizes you will need.  No more boxes to cart around and store.  No more left over inventory to get rid of.  Your customers will have the freedom to purchase the designs they like in a larger variety of styles, sizes and colors. 

How does Morché Designs work for you?

We create designs to your specifications for your organization and website

  • We work with you to create exciting graphic designs.  Give us your logo and artwork to use, or just your ideas.  You work directly with our graphic designer to create the perfect designs to represent your club or organization.
  • We provide the following free of charge:
    • Customized online web store branded to match your organization’s look and feel
    • 5 unique artwork designs and unlimited color options
    • 1 digitized embroidery design
    • 1 digitized rhinestone motif
  • If needed, additional artwork designs will be priced as requested and can be paid from your initial commission profits.  No out of pocket costs!

We set-up your store and products

  • We’ll help you choose the products you want to carry in your store and which decorating methods and artwork designs should be used. We have a huge selection of products to select from ranging from t-shirts, sweatshirts, polo, jackets, hats and many more. Once you have selected the products you would like to sell, we’ll setup your online store.  You decide how much you want to earn per item. You control your profits by setting your retail prices. The best part about our online stores is that it’s free.  Once we post your products online, we begin taking orders.  You have zero inventories to deal with!
  • Once your store is posted live, we handle all the customer service including fulfillment, shipping, and secure credit card processing (Visa, Master Card, American Express or Discover).

Bulk orders for signup meetings or special events

  • We can provide special bulk discounts directly to the organization for special events.
  • If you organization has a sales tax exempt status we can sell directly to your organization without charging sales tax.

Special Shipping

  • We can create special shipping options if your organization is willing to keep costs down for your online sales. Examples might be; Booster pickup and delivery at practice.

Promoting your store

  • To make sales, you need visitors. To get visitors, you need to tell the community about your store.  If you don't tell anybody about your new spiritwear Store, how will they learn about your products?  So be sure to send out emails, post banners, make calls and post links on social websites like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and others.
  • We can assist with custom banners for advertising your store. We can also print product posters to assist with special events where you are trying to take bulk orders from samples

What decorating methods are available to you?

  • Full color Digital direct-to-garment (DTG) printing for high resolution, soft touch printing on high cotton apparel
  • Full color digital heat transfer material for apparel
  • Full embroidery services including appliqués
  • Custom Rhinestone motifs
  • Full color banners, window decals and window clings
  • High quality digital screen printing for bulk orders

We send you your profits!

  • At the beginning of each month, we will send you your commission profits for the previous month sales.  It’s that easy.  You can do all of this without every sending home an order sheet or spending hours tallying up sizes or hauling around boxes of items your organization needs to sell.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How much does it cost?
    • Setting up an online store is free.  The only cost comes as a 3% affiliate transaction fee charged against the affiliate profits for each website order.
  • Who sets the retail price for the decorated items?
    • You do!  We provide you with wholesale decorated pricing for each pre-decorated item and you determine your retail sales price.
  • How do members submit payment?
    • All online store payments are made during shopping cart checkout. We accept all major credit and debit cards
  • How long does it take to get my order?
    • Most orders are fulfilled within 5 to 7 business days.
  • How and when do we receive the online store profits?
    • After a given month’s sales, a commission check is cut within the first week of the following month. This check can be picked up or mailed to the store coordinator.  We also offer an automatic commission payment option using PayPal.



We Make a Difference